PR with precision

In communication, all measures should be attuned to one another. As your PR agency, we ensure that all the cogs are perfectly aligned.


Public Relations

Only those who successfully communicate their message will also be noticed.

Behind every company, brand and product is a fascinating story, which is just waiting to be told. We also tell your story in a gripping, target group-oriented manner. As PR professionals, we are the interface between you, your products and the multipliers.

Consulting and strategy development

Point the way to the customer

Do you have an aim? Then we’ll find the best way to achieve it. We work closely with you to develop a suitable concept that will make you stand out from your rivals. This includes our repertoire of all aspects of strategic consulting – from integrated corporate, product and brand communication to crisis communication.


Press work

An image says more than a thousand words ...

… but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes the accompanying story is also key – and we will help you to tell it. We even cover complex issues in such a way that you will make an impression: in the appropriate style, tailored precisely to the target group. We combine all aspects of media work, and always understand these to be essential components of a successful communication strategy.


Event management and trade fair PR

If the mountain will not come to the prophet ...

… then we must find a way to reach the mountain. Our comprehensive support ranges from the acquisition of speakers through the development of designs for the trade fair stand to individual support at the venue itself. Regardless of whether a trade fair, congress or customer event, we support you from the idea through to the grand finale, and present your company or product in the very best light. On request, we can clear everything up again afterwards too.


Internal communication

Inner impact

We develop appropriate communication strategies to communicate company decisions to employees in a transparent, comprehensible manner. Whether an employee magazine, newsletter or event, our measures help reinforce team spirit, and allow your company to achieve lasting success in the long term.


Online and social media communication

LOL, IMHO … Are you clueless when it comes to online communication?

The internet speaks its own language. Online communication is fast, direct and interactive, offering opportunities but also harbouring perils, and is a key component of a modern, successful communication strategy. To ensure that your website, web 2.0 presence and e-newsletter are not merely blunt instruments, we provide the appropriate concepts and guidelines and answer any questions you may have.


Companies must correctly position themselves on the market to ascend to lofty heights. As your PR agency, we help you to identify the best route for your ascent.


You can sell anything if it is in fashion. The problem is making it fashionable in the first place. (Ernest Dichter, market psychology pioneer)


And here’s where we come in! We decode your company or brand DNA, and highlight its distinctive characteristics. Besides targeted marketing consulting and ad planning, we also develop corporate identity measures tailored exactly to the target group.

At TEXT-COM, marketing communication takes place both offline and online – away from a top-down approach and towards communication on an equal footing with the potential client. From product and company brochures through advertising flyers and advertorials to cross-media campaigns, we utilise the entire range of marketing communication tools – naturally always attuned to your individual corporate design. The outcome: optimal positioning of your company or product within the relevant markets.

  • Cornering lights

    Cornering lights are an additional light function, which illuminate the bends in the driving direction being turned into at low speed. This allows potential obstacles to be spotted early on and accidents to be avoided as a consequence. The fog lights are often used for the cornering light function.

  • Adaptive headlights

    Adaptive headlights are able to cast their beam in the direction of the curve when travelling on winding roads. This takes place with the help of dynamic lenses within the headlights. Sensors measure the steering angle, yaw rate and vehicle speed, and transmit this information to a control unit that calculates the optimal panning value of the lenses.

  • Anti-lock brake system

    The anti-lock brake system (ABS) is a braking assistant tasked with preventing the wheels from locking when the brakes are applied abruptly or on slippery surfaces. If a vehicle’s wheels lock, the vehicle can no longer transfer cornering forces, can no longer be steered and the braking distance increases. With ABS, an electronic control unit monitors the revs of all four wheels several times a second, recognising the tendency to lock at the outset, and reducing the brake force of the respective wheel accordingly.

  • Direct shift gearbox

    The term ‘direct shift gearbox (DSG)’ was introduced by Volkswagen (VW) to describe a dual-clutch gear system.

  • Downsizing

    In the automotive industry, downsizing stands for reducing the cylinder capacity while increasing efficiency with the aim of saving fuel and reducing emissions. A variety of measures are used to enhance efficiency, of which turbocharging is among the best known.

  • Electronic stabilisation programme

    The electronic stabilisation programme (ESP) prevents oversteering or understeering of the vehicle by initiating braking moments on one or several wheels at the same time in order to prevent dangerous skidding from the outset. If the vehicle slides towards the outside of the bend, for example, the front wheel on the outside of the bend is slowed. ESP can also reduce the engine power to decrease the vehicle speed or prevent spinning of the traction wheels.

  • Global positioning system

    Global positioning systems (GPS) allow you to determine your precise location. GPS was originally developed in the USA for military purposes. It comprises 24 satellites, which orbit the earth on exact paths. The signals they transmit are recorded by the GPS receivers and used to determine your position. For precise positioning within a range of around ten metres, GPS navigation devices require data from a minimum of four satellites.

  • Range extender

    The range extender is an additional device to extend the range of electric vehicles. This can be a combustion engine, for example, which provides the electric motor or battery with additional power, as required.

  • Start-stop system

    The start-stop system, also known as the auto start-stop function, helps save fuel in passenger vehicles. The engine is switched off when the vehicle comes to a standstill. The start-stop system can often only be used when certain factors prevail, including the correct engine operating temperature, a specific outdoor temperature, sufficient battery power, etc.

  • Sensor

    A component for measuring physical or chemical properties. The properties are converted into electrical signals in the sensor to allow these to be processed – with the help of a data logger, for example.

  • Daytime running light

    Daytime running light is achieved with daytime running lights built into the headlights or the bumper, which are switched on during the day when dipped headlights are not yet required. They are often economical, long-life lights based on LED technology. Since February 2011, all new vehicles in Europe have been subject to compulsory daytime running lights, i.e. they must already come equipped with daytime running lights when they leave the factory.

  • Turbocharger

    Exhaust turbochargers contribute decisively to increasing the efficiency of downsized engines. The exhaust gases drive a turbine, which is linked to the compressor in the engine’s intake passage via a shaft. The compressor ensures that more oxygen enters the combustion chambers, enhancing combustion and thus also boosting the efficiency of the engine.

Corporate Publishing

The pen is mightier than the sword.
(Edward Bulwer-Lytton, English novelist)

And the pen is our most powerful weapon – at least it is at the start.
For at TEXT-COM, the process begins with a classic brainstorming session on paper.
We develop an initial editorial concept and determine the most suitable form of publication for your project.

Corporate brochure, customer magazine, employee newspaper, e-newsletter -

Corporate publications contribute to the internal and external image of a company, and are important communication and presentation tools. Our experienced editors not only afford sound technical expertise, but also develop the most appropriate layout for your topic.

We will of course also always take your individual wishes and ideas into account, and remain on hand at all times to advise you. With clear messages and an attractive design, we permanently position your company with customers and employees, investors and opinion leaders.