Packaging artists

The content of a PR announcement is key, as is how this content is delivered.
As your PR agency, we package your information in such a way that it is guaranteed to reach the target group.


Only those who are in motion have the right of way. (Pavel Kosorin, Czech novelist)

Communication is motion – and the ideal way to translate a company, product or service into precise messages and achieve success.
With creativity, we enable access to all communication channels, ensuring all the while that the focus remains firmly on you as the customer.



From the initial consultation to the conceptualisation and realisation of convincing communication strategies and measures; from corporate publishing solutions to the monitoring of success. We implement your PR and publishing measures on both a national and international level, online and offline.
Remain in motion – we will enable you the right of way!

Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

Communicate the difference!
As a PR agency, we make the difference in your communication.



Outstanding communication solutions need a team that works perfectly together to develop the most appropriate strategy for your company.

Enthusiasm: only those who enjoy their work are also able to work well. As an agency with a focus on the technical fields, all members of our team have a passion for technology. Indeed, our hearts beat faster at the thought of automotive technology, electronics, chemistry and energy.

Diversity: our consultants are a colourful mix of humanities and social science scholars, business graduates and engineers, meaning that each individual member of the team has their own take on things, with the very best suggestions incorporated into the final product.

Teamwork: four eyes are better than two, two heads are better than one – and together we are strong. During our team meetings, we coordinate, compare and evaluate our designs and strategies, ensuring that we always find the optimal solution for you.




Amateurs hope, professionals work.
(Garson Kanin, American playwright, screenwriter and film director)

  • Corporate communication

    This term describes a company’s internal and external communication measures in general. Developing an image is the fine art of corporate communication.

  • Corporate design

    The corporate design is the graphic representation of a company. It defines a uniform layout (typography, colour design) to enhance the company’s recognition value.

  • Corporate publishing

    Company publications such as corporate brochures, employee magazines and online newsletters that a company makes available to the respective target group at regular intervals.

  • Corporate social responsibility

    For some time now, CSR has not merely ensured that the company has a clear conscience but also contributed to its economic success. Social responsibility can relate to business activities, the environment or relationships with employees. Ideally, CSR measures should be integrated into a company’s long-term corporate strategy.

  • Cross-media

    Communication measures across all media, which have been carefully attuned to one another. The recipients are thus offered several routes to access relevant information. Conversely, from the company perspective, maximum dissemination of the information is achieved.

  • Employer branding

    Measures within employer branding include those, which aim to portray the company as an attractive employer. The aim of employer branding is to permanently enhance the employer’s image to enable efficient recruitment and improve the quality of applicants.

  • Evaluation / measurement of success

    Reviewing and recording the success of PR measures, with the help of media monitoring agencies or quantitative and/or qualitative media response analyses, for example.

  • Marketing

    The core task of marketing is to successfully sell a product or service. Generally, marketing measures purely serve to increase sales hence the sales figures can be used to directly gauge the success of such measures. Ideally, PR measures also result in an increase in sales, though they mostly pursue longer-term aims, which is why their success is more difficult to gauge.

  • Product PR

    A combination of PR and marketing measures for positioning a new product to boost sales. An example of this is a press conference at which the new product is presented in a manner that attracts extensive media coverage.

  • Public relations

    Public relations work is key for companies or organisations, and aims to enhance their reputation among the general public in the long term.

  • Search engine optimisation

    The aim of SEO is to improve the ranking in search engines.

  • Target groups

    Selected reference groups to which PR and marketing measures are tailored. Target groups comprise individuals with similar interests, opinions, lifestyles or preferences.


A good agency is like a chemical product: it’s all down to getting the mix right. Outstanding communication solutions need a team affording the correct mix. Our team comprises:



50% enthusiasm for technology
50% teamwork in all respects
50% diversity of interests and training
This allows us to always give 150% for our customers.

Roland Schedel is the founder, managing director and head of the agency. A passion for motorcycles led him to journalism while still studying. The switch to the PR side of the business followed, after several years of working for motorcycle, automotive and business media. In the public relations department of a global automotive manufacturer, he was subsequently decisive in determining the external image in the media as well as in communicating with the dealer network.

Global press work for an automotive supplier shaped his liberal-minded personality, as did his work as a press spokesman for the Swiss Red Bull-Sauber Formula One team. He has an extremely extensive network in the automotive industry.

Roland Schedel is a devoted father of three children. He enjoys spending the little free time he has astride his motorcycle or mountain bike. His passion for outdoor activities is legendary; his enthusiasm for reading feared.